My First Try To Find My Creativity Back

I read so many blog posts about that topic and at the end of the day. None of them helped me to get there where I wanted to be now.

So the thing that I learned is, that if I want to start something new, to change my life or only to learn something new is, that I have to accept it doesn’t matter what’s happening in the present or the future.

I’m very interested in art. I often use the internet to find some artists and watch their crafts. And for a long time ago, I wish I could be like them.

I mean, when I watch some youtube videos or some tutorials on Udemy(Link..), I have got soooo much inspiration. And after my first minutes with a blank sheet in front of me, I get stuck.

Sometimes it can be even more depressing, to create something but don’t know how to.

The best way to start something new is to get a small overview and try it a little bit or like to do it like tasting a new soup.

In the end, two things can happen. At first, I was good at something that I didn’t know before. Or at the second I will be bad at it and I don’t try it anymore for the rest of my life.

The other thing that I learned, when I wanted to try something new is, I try it differently.

The best example of it is programming. There are sooo many programming languages out there. And as I can imagine back enough, I tried many of them.

My first programming language was C. Then after that it was C++. And then after that, I moved to web development. And there I discovered HTML, PHP, MySQL, and so on.

I don’t want to get into the details of which languages I learned. And by the way, these languages have so many possibilities, that you can not learn the full language.

But what I wanna say is, after a while, I heard from Python. I went to the Python website and read a little bit about it.

And then I realized that every programming language was explained in the same way. There aren’t so many differences at the beginning.

So if I learn one programming language, then it can be much easier to learn another. After this thought, I tried to find some similarities and I found them.

What I wanna so say is, there are so many things that are the same. But there are more ways to discover new things.

Maybe there are some things that I have saw many times in my life or maybe that I tried in some different ways but I didn’t know it anymore because I didn’t pay any attention to it.

And that’s my benefit that I can get from it.

It hasn’t something to do with the actual situation that COVID-19 has a big impact on our current life. But in the last days, I realized that I wanted to get back what I lost in the past in my life.

I want to be more creative again. I want to create something new again. I want to paint, program, backing, reading and playing guitar.

All I wanted to do is, to get back the creativity and the curiosity that I lost in my earlier years. And I believe that there are so many people who have lost their curiosity.

Sometimes I think about it. I think about my life when I was a child and played outside in the yard or when I went to the park and played on nature. Did you know when was the last time that you picked up a stone from the ground only to feel it in your hand?

It’s sooo long ago. I want to feel it again.

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