My First Try To Find My Creativity Back

I read so many blogposts about that topic and at the end of the day. None of them helped me to get there where I wanted to be now.

So the thing what I learned is, that if I want to start something new, to change my life oder only…

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This is my first vintage art that I made with medibang. I used the pastel brush. I use it as a tablet background, now. So if you want to use it to as a background for anything then take it.

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The real ‚Hello World‘ post

‚Title: ‚Every heartbeat spreads love‘ ‚   So this is my real first post on this blog. From today I want to start my own 100 days drawing challenge. Or later it could be my 100 days painting challenge. The problem is, that I want to be a better artist. or…

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